Preserve Your Memories! 

  • Slides & Photos:

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see your entire slide collection again without the hassle of a projector? We thought so.  

  • Old Film:

    The digital transfer of film is an art. Let us help you preserve it with the utmost care to last forever. 

  • Videotape:

    Let us transfer your videotape to beautifully chaptered DVDs to last a lifetime. 

  • Cassettes & Tapes:

    Got any audio cassettes, reel to reel or eight track tapes you want transferred to digital? 

  • Vinyl Records:

    Transfer your old LPs, 45s or 78s to digital. 

  • Professional Archives:

    We do on-site transfer of film, slides and other artifacts direct to digital files for professional archive, like museums and libraries. 

Contact us at Lifetime Memories, a division of 1st Class Reunions, at 770-466-5269 for more information.